The Industry of Forestry in New Zealand

Forestry is undoubtedly a massive industry in New Zealand and brings in up to 10 percent of the country's revenue. Indeed, the most common tree is the Monterey pine, and readers of this blog will come to understand how it became established in the 19th century. Over a quarter of the timber products are exported to Australia. Interesting articles cover deforestation and the opposition to native forest logging, which has led to protests in New Zealand. Conservation is now high on the agenda in the interests of biodiversity, retaining habitats, recreation, and heritage.

Housebuilding with New Zealand Timber

24 Apr 2021

New Zealand was initially almost entirely covered in forest when the first Europeans arrived, and they made short work of clearing it. Thus, there was plenty of timber available for building homes. However, this was nothing new, as the native Maoris had been doing this for years.

The Kauri Trees of New Zealand

18 Mar 2021

New Zealand is home to some of the oldest trees globally, and many of them can be found in the Waipoua forest. This fascinating area is also the habitat of some rare birds and makes for a spectacular day out for all the family.